People: Members

Prof Murray Shanahan | Professor of Cognitive Robotics, Head of Group

I am primarily interested in cognitive architecture, both as it is found in Nature and as it might be realised artificially. Because I'm committed to the view that cognition and embodiment are initmately related, I also have a strong interest in robotics. Robots, for me, are a vehicle for testing theories of cognition. Of course, if we have a good theory of cognition - one that passes the test of implementability on a robot - then it will help us build better, more intelligent robots. I'm also interested in consciousness, and I see consciousness and cognition as closely related. Finally, in my opinion, to understand these themes properly entails a certain degree of engagement with philosophy, particularly philosophy of mind.

Dr Zafeirios Fountas | Research Associate

I am a Greek mathematician/computer scientist with a passion in neuroscience, biologically inspired artificial intelligence and robotics. Currently, I work as a researcher in the department of Computing with Prof. Murray Shanahan, as a part of the six-partner EU project TimeStorm. I recently received my PhD in computational neuroscience while being in the same group, where I investigated the relation between brain oscillations, our ability to select actions and Parkinsonian tremor.

Mr Pedro Martinez Mediano | PhD Student

In the early days, and forced by an evil mathematician father, Pedro started a Physics degree at University of Valencia, Spain, truncating what could have otherwise been a promising career as a jazz melodica player. Not satisfied with the punishment of an undergrad in Physics, he moved to the different, but marginally more useful field of Artificial Intelligence and Computational Neuroscience. He somehow sneaked into a PhD program at Imperial College, London, where he found that Artificial Intelligence might be artificial, but is far from being intelligent. He is now doing his little bit to change the last part. He thinks that writing in third person looks cool.

Mr Kyriacos Nikiforou | PhD Student

I am a PhD student under the supervision of Prof Murray Shanahan. My main research interest is how information is processed in networks of rate-based and spiking neurons. I am interested in how the structure and dynamics of the network can encode and process information and how they can be used in cognitive architectures with learning. Prior to joining the group I completed my studies in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College.

Mr Nat Dilokthanakul | PhD Student

I am a PhD student under the supervision of prof. Murray Shanahan. My main research interests are in the area of dynamical systems in neural networks and reinforcement learning. I am investigating how reinforcement learning can be implemented with spiking neural networks.

Ms Marta Garnelo | PhD Student