Publications: W. Roseboom

W. Roseboom's publications in conferences (Peer Reviewed)

Z. Fountas, K. Nikiforou, D. Bhowmik, M. Shanahan, W. Roseboom, A. Seth, Clockless Biologically-Plausible Architecture for Temporal Perception Using Convolutional Neural Networks, Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience (CCN), New York, USA, 2017 (2017).

W. Roseboom's publications in Posters (Peer Reviewed)

Z. Fountas, W. Roseboom, D. Bhowmik, K. Nikiforou, M. Shanahan, Clockless biologically-plausible architecture for temporal perception using convolutional neural networks, Time in Tokyo: International Symposium on temporal perception and experience, Tokyo, Japan, 11-12 October 2016 (2016).